Anandtech reviews the new Barracuda 3TB

Seagate BarracudaSounds like HDs aren’t dead yet! Of course they aren’t. After Seagate released the first 4TB HD two months ago, it was clear that SSDs wouldn’t be cost-competitive with traditional hard disks in the near future. This isn’t bad as it looks like: from an user point of view, solid state drives show their best as system volumes and don’t improve the experience as massive storage units.

While SSDs deliver very strong performance, especially in random read/write tasks, they aren’t a perfect fit for “parking” large chunks of data. The cost-per-gigabyte is too high and a common user rarely needs to transfer big data to take advantage of the astonishing sequential performance. Furthermore if you transfer data from a SSD to a traditional HD the performance will be bounded by the relatively slow mechanical drive.

So there is a lot of room in the storage market for HDs, especially for the big ones. Seagate has renewed its Barracuda’s line-up introducing an important technical improvement: all the disks are equipped with 1TB platters. This achievement brings reduced power consumption and better performance, thanks to the increased data density.

The Anandtech’s review of the 3TB model shows a power sustainable HD, fast in sequential task but a little weaker than previous generation (Barracuda XT 3TB; the XT series will be replaced by new hybrid drives soon… can’t wait for them!) in random read/write operations. Although it’s fast enough to work as system drive for users that aren’t willing to spend money on a SSD.

By the way, in a world where mobile systems are the new personal computing paradigm, we think that it’s not a good idea to buy very large drives to use without a RAID array. If you don’t need 3TB of disk space, we suggest to purchase two smaller disks to configure in a RAID 1 volume or at least three units for a RAID 5.

If you are a storage-addicted user, the Seagate Barracuda 3TB could be an interesting HD to put in your NAS, keeping in mind that you will need more than one to get the job well done.

So, the progress machine keep on running even for classic hard disks and Seagate keep on leading the market from both an economic and a technical point of view. The Barracuda 3TB is a good product designed for the needs of the smartphone age users: big, green and perfect for backups. Nice job Seagate!

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