AnandTech tested Octane’s new firmware

OCZ LogoOCZ recently released a new firmware – 1.13 – for its Octane series. AnandTech tested the update and found that it strongly reduces write amplification in a worst-case scenario, falling from 53.5 times to 18.1. That’s a really good news for people that uses this unit in server environments. That being said, OCZ Octane drives are consumer products and I don’t believe many sysadmins are adopting them.

On the performance side the new firmware is a mixed bag: the smaller drives – 128GB and 256GB – seems to get serious improvements while the bigger one – 512GB – gets slower in almost all the tests.

So if you are not using your 512GB Octane in a server, I suggest you to maintain the old version and skip the update.

OCZ Octane 1.13 Firmware Update: Improving 4KB Random Write Performance

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