CES 2012: Synology and QNAP

The Consumer Electronic Show goes on and two big names in the NAS market showed their new products: Synology and QNAP.

With the latest version of its NAS operating system, DSM 4.0, Synology introduced a feature called CloudStation: it’s actually a private Dropbox service that let you synchronize folders on your NAS. Cloud services like Dropbox influenced our way to share and manage files and that’s truly noteworthy.

QNAP showed a bunch of their new units, some of them includes a HDMI port. This isn’t wierd given that most of today’s NAS support DLNA. A physical connection for HDTV its a far better way to stream high definition contents. Movie addicted will love this feature.

Obviously, these weren’t the only products demoed by the companies, but they are the most interesting ones.

I keep following the CES events from my desk. Stay tuned!

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