“Cheap” 1TB SSD arriving

kingmaxThanks to Kingmax, Japaneses can now buy a cheap 1TB SSD. In fact, Engadget spotted the SMU25 Client Pro 1TB in Japan at about $1,500. That’s a pretty good price point compared to the competitor OCZ Octane 1TB, sold at about $2,400.

Performance is a little bit disappointing, “only” 250 MB/s for sequential reads and 200 MB/s for sequential writes. There are no data regarding the IOPS.

Saddly enough, the company has no plans of selling the drive in the US or in Europe, at least now. 1,500 bucks are a lot of money for a single drive and there’s no real need to have 1TB of hi-performance storage on a home machine.

A good 256GB SSD paired with a 1TB mechanical HD it’s a better deal for most of users. Anyway it’s nice to see such a big SSD at that price point.

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