Crucial M4 256GB review

I tested the performance on my bench-rig. It’s a Sandy Bridge based platform, not expensive and so very common.

Here is the list of hardware components:

  • Intel Core i3 2120 skt 1155
  • ASRock H67M motherboard
  • 4GB of Corsair value ram 1333MHz C9
  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB as main drive
  • Crucial M4 256GB as test drive

I used the following benchmarks:

  • Intel NASPT – I know it was developed to benchmark network attached storages, but it does a nice job even with HDs and SSDs
  • ATTO
  • AS-SSD – both transfer rate and copy tests

Let’s see the results.
Intel NAS Performance Toolkit
ATTO Write


AS-SSD Write




AS-SSD Copy Benchmark

What can I say? This SSD is really fast. It can easily surpass 400MB/s with sequential tasks. It can manage over 40,000 IOPS and that’s a good results given that it’s a consumer product. Even with small chunks of data (4K) with no queue depth can reach over 20MB of transfer rate: a traditionl drive will stay under a 1MB. There’s no signal that makes me think the M4 isn’t insanely fast.

What’s the price for this awesomeness? Only $360… Sure that’s a lot of money for 256GB but it’s a pretty reasonable price for such a high-performance solid state drive. For comparison, an Intel 510 equipped with the same Marvell controller costs over 500 bucks. An OCZ Vertex is priced about 380 dollars, and that’s a valuable alternative. Anyway, the Crucial M4 has a good capacity, it’s a good performer and it’s cheap. If you are looking for a fast solid state drive I suggest you the M4, you won’t regret it!

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