Crucial m4 is on fire: faster with the new firmware!

Crucial m4 SSDThe Crucial m4, powered by a Marvell 9174 chipset, is one of the fastest SSD on the market. While the main competitors (Intel SSD 510 and OCZ Vertex 3) are a bit faster then the m4, its retail price is impossible to beat. Less than 400 bucks are enough to buy the 256GB version of this awesome SSD.

On august 31, Crucial made a gift to its customers: the new FW009 firmware. As pointed out by Anandtech, the update makes the m4 faster than ever especially in sequential tasks.

That’s not a huge leap from the already high performance of the drive but it’s enough to make the storage enthusiasts happy.

SSDs are still rather expensive but their performance are truly impressive. If you are looking for a fast and reliable drive, I suggest you the Crucial m4. You won’t regret it!

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