Firmware day!

I know, this is a lame title. It evokes one of the most shared videos on Youtube: the Garbage Day scene of the movie Silent Night Deadly Night 2 :)

There are plenty of good reason why is considered one of the worst scenes of ever. Anyway, it’s time to get serious.

It seems January is a good month for SSD manufacturers to release fixes and updates. The first was Crucial, now it’s the turn of Samsung and OCZ.

The Korea’s chaebol released an update for the SSD 830 that aims to fix BSOD issues. You can download it from the Samsung Download Center.

OCZ, instead, developed a new firmware for its Octane series, powered by the Everest Indilinx controller. The company claims the update can double the 4K random write. For further information check the official press release.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned…

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