Hitachi released first 25nm SLC SSD

Hitachis GST Ultrastar SSD400S.BEnterprise server environments require high levels of reliability and that’s the reason why the latest 25nm NAND flash memories weren’t adopted in pro-SSDs until today. Hitachi GST, now owned by Western Digital, released the Ultrastar SSD400S.B, the first SSD equipped with SLC 25nm NAND ICs.

You know, Hitachi isn’t a controller or a memory manufacturer. The technology inside this drive is made by Intel. Anyway is insteresting to see how many months we had to wait to see the latest innovation became an enterprise-class product.

In fact, 25nm ICs are available since a year and a SLC NAND is no different from a MLC NAND, physically speaking: the difference is in the controller that stores one bit per cell instead of two.

Speaking of the Ultrastar SSD400S.B, it’s a quite fast drive available in 100GB, 200GB and 400GB capacities and featuring SAS 6Gbps interface. Here is an extract of the press release:

The new Ultrastar SSD400S.B family delivers the industry’s highest SSD sequential throughput, up to 536MB/s read and 502MB/s write throughput with 6Gb/s SAS. The new drive also delivers up to 57,500 read and 25,500 sustained write IOPS, reaching speeds 100 times faster than traditional hard drives, resulting in rapid response times for real-time transaction processing access to “hot” enterprise data for improved productivity and operational efficiency. As fewer SSDs are required to achieve the same HDD ultra-high performance, the new Ultrastar SSD400S.B family offers significant value in terms of IOPS per Watt, while reducing TCO through low power consumption, efficient cooling and reduced space requirements.

Of course it natively supports data encryption. For further information, see the Hitachi’s official press release.

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