Hitachi releases first 4TB internal drive

Ultrastar 7K3000This isn’t the first 4TB drive available, that was the GoFlex 4TB, but it’s the first to be an internal one. Oddly enough, Hitachi didn’t release any communication. I found the news on AnandTech (that discovered the product on a Japanese site).

The drive seems to be a 5900 rpm model so performance won’t be extreme. Price is around 345$, about 45 bucks more than the GoFlex 4TB that it’s an external drive. The unit was found in Japan and there aren’t news about the U.S. availability.

As pointed out by AnandTech, this is a strange time to release such a monster drive. After the Thai-floods price went to through the roof.

Note that Hitach was acquired by Western Digital and the operation won’t be concluded until March 2012, according to the company’s press release.

I’m looking for further information. Stay tuned!

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