How to back up your MS SQL Server with Uranium


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Data aren’t all the same. While it’s very important to protect files and documents, databases are a fundamental component of the software we use and we have to do more to protect them. Uranium Backup is designed keeping in mind the needs of business users and natively support Microsoft SQL Server backups. More specifically, it’s compatible with all MS SQL Server versions: 7.0, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, Express Edition.

Now I’ll show you how to configure a backup set for your MS SQL Server.

1. Create the backup set

Create the backup set and name it.

Create the backup set and name it

Then click on Click here to add a SQL Server backup/restore.

Click on "Click here to add a SQL Server backup/restore"

2. Configure it


The backup configuration may be difficult for the average user. First of all, you have to specify the server name or the IP. If you don’t rembemer the exact name, stay calm: a drop-down menu will show you all possible choices.


The next step is to specify the access credentials of the SQL Server (user id and password). Then select from the drop-down menu the database you want to back up.


If the list of databases is too long or you want to back up multiple databases, use the exclusion filter utility. It’s very intuitive.


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