How to back up your MS SQL Server with Uranium

Now it’s time to choose what operation you want to perform. Select Database Backup.


The next page allows you to configure the most important parameters. You have to specify the folder where you want to save the backup file and its name. Note that if you are configuring a remote backup for a SQL Server installed on a Windows 7 machine, you have to create the folder from that PC. Furthermore, it’s not possible to compress the backup file or to copy it to common destinations. In the example below I’m setting up the backup from the SQL Server computer.


3. Final summary

When you have finished the configuration, a summary will appear.


If you have selected Copy backup file to common destination after backup in the configuration page, now you can set up a destination for copy. It can be a folder in your PC, in an external storage device, in a remote server or even in a tape (like in the example below, see also the tape backup tutorial), etc..

Tape destination

The guide is finished! Now your SQL Server has nothing to fear. Protect your data, no matter what!

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