How to perform a tape backup with Uranium

A tape, image courtesy of Yogma aka Greg Ma

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Thanks to their long durability and high capacity, tapes are a well-suited solution for the backup of your business data. Uranium Backup supports almost every tape drive currently available but the average user may find the backup procedure a little tricky to perform.

To help users protect their data, I prepared a detailed tutorial regarding the tape backup. I hope you’ll enjoy this guide!

1. Create a new backup set

In order to create a new backup set, you have to open the File menu and click on Create a new backup set.
File menu

Then specify the name of the backup and its description.

Create a new backup form

2. Configure the backup set

Once the backup set is created, it’s time to configure it. The first step is to select the folders you want to backup.

Click on Click here to add the files and/or folders you want backup.


Then select the items and press Ok.

Items selection

To add a tape destination click on Click here to add Tape Backup.

Click here to add Tape Backup

A tape shaped icon named Tape Backup will appear. Double-click on it!

Tape Backup

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