HowTo: connect an iSCSI target to ESXi

You already know that VMware ESX/ESXi/vSphere is the most adopted hypervisor and perhaps you want to try to build a home virtualized environments. Maybe you don’t know how to connect your SAN to the OS. So I want to help you!

The operation is straightforward. You need a ESXi 5 server, the vSphere Client application and at least an iSCSI target.

Open vSphere Client and select the Configuration tab. Select the Storage Adapters item in the left menu then click on the Add button.
ESXi iSCSI configurationvSphere iSCSI tutorial

Choose Add Software iSCSI Adapter and click Ok. ESXi iSCSI configuration

A new device will appear on the storage adapter list.
vSphere iSCSI tutorial

Select the iSCSI adapter and click with the right button. Open the Properties. A windows like the one below will appear.
ESXi iSCSI configuration

Open the Dynamic Discovery tab and click on the Add button.
ESXi iSCSI configuration

Insert the iSCSI target IP address.
ESXi iSCSI configuration

The iSCSI target will appear on the list.
ESXi iSCSI configuration

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