IMFT introduces the first 20nm 128Gb die

IMFT, a joint venture created by Intel and Micron, announced today the first 20nm 128Gb die of NAND flash. With these memories it will be possible to build tablets, smartphones and SSDs with far more storage capacity than now. The result is impressive especially if you consider the introduction of the new 20nm process.

The lifespan of these NANDs will be the same of the previous generation: 3000/5000 write cycles. According to AnandTech the new ICs are composed by 16K pages instead of the actual 8K. This means that new controllers have to be developed in order to use them.

This 128 Gb ICs won’t be used in SSDs until 2013. So we won’t see huge price drop for the next year. Too bad SSDs lovers…

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