Infortrend ESDS S16F-R2842-6 hands-on

Infortrend ESDS S16F-R2842Finally I’m starting to review some interesting products. I received the awesome Infortrend ESDS S16F-R2842-6 last friday, a heavy-weight NAS, born to be the house of your virtual machines. In fact, this 16-bay beast features 6Gb/s SAS connectivity, 4 1GbE and 8 Fibre Channel ports. Furthermore it has two controller (with anti-shutdown battery included) and two power supplies, to protect your precious work from accidents.

The ESDS S16F-R2842 is currently under test but I want to share with you some preliminary impressions.

Infortrend sent us the NAS equipped with 16 Hitachi HDs (600GB, 15000rpm, SAS units). This a very rich bundle for a review and I thanks Infortrend for its efforts. The build quality is excellent, as you would expect from a product like this. I’ll publish the photos ASAP.

The bundle includes an installation CD: it contains the management software called SANWatch Commander. It can discover the NAS in the network but, given that it’s a server-class product and business network could be very complex, the LCD display on the front panel let you check and configure the IP address manually.

Installation is straighforward, for NAS of this class, and the configuration manager is intuitive. The controller supports RAID level 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60. We tried a 8-disks RAID0 and a 8-disk RAID6 with one hot-spare.

Here are some screenshots of the Infotrend tool:
Infortrend ESDS S16F-R2842 Infortrend ESDS S16F-R2842 Infortrend ESDS S16F-R2842 Infortrend ESDS S16F-R2842

I’m doing some speed tests. I will publish the results ASAP.

Stay tuned!

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