Intel to release its first PCIe SSD

Intel SSD 910This is a really important news because most of Intel’s SSDs are aimed to the enterprise market. So the lacks of a PCIe solution was disappointing. But soon you will be able to buy – if you have enough money – the Intel SSD 910.

This PCIe SSD features 2 or 4 Intel/Hitachi SSD SAS controllers, really similar to the ones adopted by Intel for the X25-M drives. But they feature 2 cores instead of 1, to support the SAS interface. The controllers are mounted on a main PCB with a SAS-to-PCIe bridge. The drives are logical board mounted on this first one, forming a “SSD sandwich”.

This kind of layout is widely adopted among PCIe SSD manufacturers. On the performance side we have 180k IOPS for read tasks and 75k for write ones. Max sequential throughput is 2GB per second.

Pricing is really good: about $1929 for a 400GB drive and $3859 for a 800GB one. Expected release is first half 2012.

You will find more information regarding the SSD 910 on the Intel official site.

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