Intel SSD 320 reviewed

I keep testing as many SSDs as I can to improve our performance database. Today it’s the turn of the Intel SSD 320. This unit is the successor of the lucky X25-M drive. It features an Intel chipset that lacks of SATA 6Gbps support. I tested the 300GB version.

The aestetics of the 320 are classic. There’s only a label indicating the drive name and some specifications.
Intel SSD 320 upper view

Under the hood there are an Intel controller and twenty IMFT 25nm MLC NAND ICs. Intel is the only manufacturer that ships 10bit controllers and so the capacity is 300GB instead of the more commons 256GB.
Intel SSD 320 internal upper side

The lower side of the internal board hides ten ICs.
Intel SSD 320 lower upper side

There’s nothing spectacular about how the 320′s controller gets its job done: it doesn’t execute any encryption or data deduplication algorithm, like the SandForce controller does. Let’s see how it performs in my tests..

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