Intel SSD 910 is fast

Intel SSD 910I talked about Intel SSD 910, its first PCIe solution, about a month ago. Now it’s available the first review of the drive published by Hot Hardware.

The results are good. The 910 isn’t as fast as some OCZ PCIe SSDs but it performs reasonably well and it costs under 5 dollars per GB. Furthermore, Intel claims the drive can sustain 14 petabyte of writes before exausisting its NAND flash memories. A value that matters to enterprise customers.

The solution isn’t a good fit for hardware enthusiast like the RevoDrive, its price – over $3,000 for a 800GB version – explains that very well. Intel aimed to business customers since the beginning of its adventure in the SSD market, the SSD 910 is a solid and affordable (for businesses) integration to its lineup. Well done.

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