We join the SOPA/PIPA tomorrow’s strike

STOP SOPAAs Digital Marketing Manager of Fresoft S.r.l. – now Nanosystems S.r.l. – I know very well how difficult is to run a little software house. Specially on Windows platform, piracy is really strong and some companies struggle to get paid for their work.

That being said, our flagship solution – Uranium Backup – is generally adopted by system administrators and its goal is to protect data. We don’t suffer from high piracy rates because you probably have to be totally nuts to use an unsupported software to protect your important information.

Anyway we work with many developers and we know that piracy can be a real issue for consumer software. But we also strongly believe that bills like SOPA and PIPA aren’t the right solution and could be an unbalanced and largely ineffective tool.

SOPA/PIPA will allow Intellectual Property owners to DNS-block presumed infringing website. This isn’t a fair reaction to piracy because it can affect sites even in countries where the content is considered legal. Furthermore, those bills are a dangerous set of censorship tools. That’s a clear abuse of the U.S. control over the ICANN.

We don’t want Internet to be the playing field of an oligarchy of Intellectual Property managers.

So we are proudly joining the SOPA/PIPA strike and tomorrow Uranium Backup Blog will be blacked out.


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