Kingston announced SSDNow V+200

SSD Now V+ seriesAnandTech posted an interesting news about Kingston. Oddly enough, there’s nothing available about this release in the company’s press room. The manufacturer is going to release a “low cost” SandForce drive for people looking for a an affordable SSD: the SSDNow V+200.

The V+200 is equipped with a SF-2281 controller and asyncronous Intel 25nm NAND flash ICs. Performance should be the same of an OCZ Agility 3, remarkably good for daily use.

The official MSRP is weirdly high, for a 240GB unit you have to pay $479… a more powerful HyperX SSD costs less.

But as pointend out by Anand, street price will be probably much lower.

Sure, the announce isn’t an exciting one but it’s always nice for consumers to have new alternatives.

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