Mad for SSD cache? OCZ wants to relieve your stress

SSDs are fast, they are damned fast. On the flipside of the coin, they cost too much and hardware lovers tends to buy low-capacity drives (60GB, 128GB). Not a perfect fit for your professional and gaming software.

OCZ Synapse

To address the problem, Intel released the Smart Response Technology (SRT): a cache utility that works only with Z68-based motherboard. So the folks can buy a large mechanical disk and pair it with a next-gen SSD. Both performance and capacity will be good (see also the Anandtech’s review), but for only a very tight slice of the market.

Here comes OCZ. With the latest family of SSDs, named Synapse, the California-based company wants to provide an alternative to Intel, thanks to the partnership with Dataplex and its technologies. For now there are only two Synapse drives (64GB and 128GB) both equipped with the powerful SF2281 Sandforce Controller. The form factor is the classic 2.5″.

Only half of the total capacity of the drives will be usable so in the 64GB version it’s possible to store only 32GB of data. HD cache doesn’t need very high capacity and the strong overprovision will ensure a long life for the Synapse Series drive. Pricing is still unknow. We will update the post when further news will be available.

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