Marvell release a new 6Gbps controller

Marvell 88SS9187 SOC AMarvell’s 88SS9174 is a well known product between storage enthusiasts. This high performance 6Gbps SATA controller is equipped by good SSDs like the Crucial M4 and the Intel SSD 510. Now, the manufacturer announce the release of its successor: the 88SS9187.

The latest Marvell’s controller bring performance and energy saving improvements, although we are talking about evolutionary advancements. Here is an extract of the official press release explaining the specifics:

  • Supports on-chip RAID technology for the NAND device with flexible customer firmware based algorithm to optimize retiring of defective NAND block, plane, die or device.
  • Supports high-speed DDR3 DRAM interface with support for up to 1 G byte memory that permits customer to implement highly performance optimized mapping algorithms.
  • Maximum sequential read performance for a SATA 6G device.
  • ~500MB/s of sequential write performance even at dirty drive conditions.
  • Best-in-class Random Read and Write IOPS with minimum over-provisioning and minimal performance degradation.

Marvell’s products pack good hardware but it takes a good firmware refinement to make them perform well. This business model brings lower price. Crucial and Intel proved to be great firmware developers so I’m confident that the next generation controllers will be fast. First 88SS9187-based drives will be shipped soon. Probably Crucial will be the earliest adopter (my personal speculation).

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