New Momentus XT reviewed by AnandTech

Momentus XT 750GBI talked about the new Seagate Momentus XT 750GB, a 2.5″ hybrid drive with 8GB of cache, nearly two weeks ago. Today AnandTech published its review and new data are available

The Momentus XT is a very good performer if your usage is composed mainly by common tasks like boot your PC, open the browser and the e-mail client. 8GB of cache are enough to boost performance with light workloads. These kind of scenarios let the Momentus speed up near a SSD unit.

With strongly heterogeneous workloads the drive is as fast as a traditional 2.5″ 7200rpm disk. So the reactivity depends from your usage and in some cases may be lower than a mechanical HD.

That being said, for common users the Momentus XT is a great solution: if you are looking for a drive for your laptop with high capacity and good performance, this unit must be your choise at the cost of 245$. A fair price compared to SSDs and considering the Thai-floods issues.

If you can afford a 256GB Crucial m4 for your notebook, you can compensate the capacity with an external unit. If you don’t want to bring another brick in your sack or you think SSDs are too costy, you need to consider the Momentus XT!

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