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Computex Taipei is one of the most interesting expo in the world. Hardware manufacturers shows previews and concepts of their future produtcs. This year is no exception and I’am following storage device manufacturers.

Here is a summary of the most compelling gadgets:

SanDisk Lightning PCIe SSA
SanDisk Lightning PCIe SSA

It’s a PCIe solid state accelerator built to have steady performance and very-low response times. Transfer rate aren’t impressive but the company focused on reactivity. The controller is a SAS one, with a SAS-to-PCIe bridge. It will be available in 200GB and 400GB sizes.

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OCZ Z-Drive R5

OCZ developed with Marvell a native PCIe controller. The Z-Drive 5 shows some impressive numbers in the tech demo: about 800K of max IOPS and over 2GB/s of transfer rate. The company showed a 2.5″ and a mini-PCIe versions.

Corsair Neutron SSD
Corsair Neutron GTX

Corsair goes all-in with a brand new controller developed by Link a Media Device (LAMD). Performance seems good, about 500MB/s for sequential tasks and 90K IOPS reads/writes on 4K random loads. The company will launch two different versions: regular with ONFi NANDs and GTX with Toggle NANDs.

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I’ll keep following Computex. Stay tuned!

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