OCZ pursuing cloud server market

OCZ Z-Drive R4 CloudServIf the OCZ Z-Drive R4 announce isn’t enough to demonstrate the company’s goals, the release of the OCZ-SANRAD VXL just prove it. In fact, the manufacturer announced the immediate availability of OCZ-SANRAD VXL enterprise storage accelerator, a software that enables SSD caching on all the OCZ’s PCIe SSDs for virtualized environments like VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V e Citrix XEN.

Obviously, the software can be paired with a Z-Drive R4 boosting the performance of your SAN. It’s even possible to integrate SANRAD VXL with the utility vSphere Center, a feature that system administrator will love.

Companies aiming to the modern computing paradigm need cloud servers. Cloud servers needs ultra-fast storage to achieve decent end-user performance. A SSD-based SAN would be too expensive and caching is the best way to have good performance and contain costs. Indeed, this release puts OCZ on the right path for the cloud server market.

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