OCZ releases 2nd generation SAS SSDs

Talos 2You know, OCZ is getting really serious about SSDs and its commitment to the enterprise market is proved by the release of the new Talos series. The San Jose-based company announced today the second generation of their Dual-Ported SAS 6G solid state drives.

Is there something new under the hood? The answer seems to be yes… The old Talos family was composed by 3.5″ disks while the Talos 2 series includes only 2.5″ drives, mounting from 100GB to 1TB of MLC, eMLC and SLC NAND memories.

Performance will probably be very high, thanks to the up to 70.000 4K IOPS, about 2 times the old series. OCZ made no mentions about the controller manufacturer.

We’ll report further information when they’ll be available. Stay tuned!

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