OCZ releases astonishing Vertex 4

OCZ Vertex 4Vertex 4 is finally here and has an IndiLinx controller – Everest 2 – inside its body. This means that the long partnership between OCZ and SandForce is going to break up soon. The manufacturer has many SSDs powered by SandForce but this number will drop over the long run.

Anyway, the Vertex 4 is an impressive drive. Its write performance are far away the highest ever seen. Oddly enough its read sequential performance are average for hi-end consumer product.

But this problem can be addressed with a firmware update. Prices are good, about $349 for a 256GB version. The AnandTech review is quite explicative and strongly suggested. I’m currently working on a Vertex 3 and I hope OCZ will send us a Vertex 4 soon.

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