OCZ Vertex 4 review

OCZ Vertex 4 01
I keep reviewing as SSDs as I can, this time it’s the turn of the Vertex 4: according to OCZ’s claims it’s the fastest consumer drive in the world. A really nice product to try ;)

The company sent me a 128GB version: generally speaking, bigger SSDs perform better and all the other solutions I tested are 240/256GB drives. Anyway we will find out if the “little” 128GB Vertex 4 is fast enough to beat its competitors.

There are no differences between Vertex 3 and Vertex 4 enclosures. The drive is a standard 2.5″ and that’s nothing to say about the form factor.

OCZ Vertex 4 02

Opening the drive voids the warranty and it’s totally useless, don’t do that! Inside the Vertex 4 there are 16 NAND Flash ICs manufactuerd by Intel (25nm), a Micron RAM and the IndiLinx chipset. The controller is manufactured by Marvell.

OCZ Vertex 4 03

The back of the logic board contains the other eight NAND ICs.

OCZ Vertex 4 04

Contrary to its predecessor, the Vertex 4 doesn’t perform data deduplication and compression techniques. This means that write amplification is higher than 1 but also that performance is constant across different type of files. OCZ claims about 90k read/write IOPS and 550 MB/s of transfer rate (reads). We tested the drive with our benchmark suite, let’s see how it performs!

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