Plextor M3 SSD: un unexpected guest

Plextor M3Plextor isn’t a brand known for its SSD solutions, rather for their optical drives, but it manufactures solid state drives since 2010. Now it released the M3, a 6Gbps SATA Marvell-based drive that shares the controller with the Intel SSD 510 and the Crucial M4. Would it be competitive?

Yes, it is. AnandTech guys tried the 256GB version and it’s really a fast drive. This is a pretty good result for Plextor because Marvell’s controller needs a lot of tweaking to achieve good performance. The proprietary firmware built by Plextor is remarkably good in write performance, both sequential and random, and the price is competitive even if the M3 costs a little more than a Curcial M4.

The only things I don’t like is the name, too similar with the one of the Crucial flagship solution. A little more creativity wouldn’t be bad. Anyway, a good product, reasonable price from an outsider. What can I say? Read the review because the M3 deserves your attention.

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