Q1 2012 mobile industry analysis

Hi guys, this time I want to show you a little homework I did for my italian blog. It’s not about backup, it’s about mobile industry and I hope you will forgive this little off-topic.

I gathered some data from leading mobile manufacturers’ financial reports (GAAP) and made three plots explaining the global competitive scenario. For “mobile products” I considered feature phones, smartphones, tablets and media devices (iPods for instance). I created two entries for Apple: one related to the iOS ecosystem (w/o Apple TV) and the other focused on the iPhone business.

The market is quite concentrated with Apple dominating almost the entire pie and Samsung as the only “second comer” able to achieve a significant slice.

To create these plots I had to do some adjustments:

  • I estimated an operating income of 42% of revenues for the iOS business and of 45% for the iPhone one;
  • Samsung and LG numbers were converted in dollars using june 5th exchange rates;
  • Samsung mobile handset unit’s operating profits were estimated from IT & Mobile Communications division’s operating income;
  • RIM’s Q1 2012 closed on march 3rd, so the values are increased by december sales;
  • Sony acquired the Ericsson’s share of Sony Ericsson on february 15th and finanacial report includes only the data since that date; I adjusted the numbers increasing linearly.

Here is the first plot. Apple outperforms all the mobile industry with just the iPhone. Samsung is good but not as the company founded by Steve Jobs. The others are struggling.

I created another plot showing mobily industry “followers”. Sony is the worst performer indeed.

Apple accounts for the 80% of the global mobile industry operating income. Samsung has the 18% while the others fight for a mere 2%.

Now you know that competing in mobile markets is really really difficult. Don’t try this at home!

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