Review: WD My Book Live Duo

Hi guys, sorry for being so late with my latest article. I’m pretty busy these days but I have a good news: I reviewed the latest Western Digital NAS, the My Book Live Duo. I think it’s a really interesting device, featuring 2x2TB Caviar Green drives and a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

I received the Duo in a large colored box. The packaging is good and protects the precious content.
My Book Live Duo Box

Inside the box there is a power adapter, a RJ45 cable, the manuals, an installation CD and, of course, the NAS itself.
My Book Live Duo Bundle

The device is nice. The design is clean and minimalistic. There is only a tiny Led that informs you of the state of the NAS.
My Book Live Duo Front

The back contains a USB, the Ethernet and the power connectors.
My Book Live Duo Back

It’s possible to open the upper panel and, eventually, substitute a failure drive. This is important especially if you use the unit in RAID1 mode.
My Book Live Duo Upper

Installation is simple, you just have to plug a power cord and a Ethernet cable. Check the NAS IP, for instance through the router web-interface, just put it in your browser’s addressbar and access the control panel. If you can’t, Western Digital provides a software to locate the unit.

There is nothing special about the interface, it’s exactly the same of the My Book Live we recently reviewed. Also with the Duo is possible to access the stored data through iOS Apps like the minor brother. So I’m not going to spend much time on this.

Anyway the interface is clean and responsive. iSCSI isn’t supported but this is a consumer product and so I don’t consider this lack an issue. The overall experience is quite good.

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