Samsung launches thinnest DVD drive ever

Who cares about DVD drives? It seems Samsung does! The Korean chaebol launched the slimmest optical drive ever created. This solution aims to be a part of your next-gen Ultrabook or tablet. These highly portable devices needs tiny peripherals to fit thin enclosures.

Samsung knows that and developed the SE-218BB. Here is an extract of the official press release:

Built to accompany a new generation of ultrabook and slim laptop designs, the SE-218BB features a compact size that is 18% thinner than conventional DVD writers and is the world’s thinnest external optical disc drive with a 14mm height. The drive is 8% lighter than Samsung’s conventional DVD writer and built to accommodate today’s mobile lifestyle.

But the real question is: who misses the DVD drive? I don’t. Today it’s possible to buy a high capacity pendrive with a few dollars. They are even rewritable. So I don’t want an ugly and useless optical drive inside my laptop.

Perhaps someone does and now they have a solution powered by Samsung.

For further information read the official press release: Samsung Introduces World’s Thinnest Optical Disc Drive for Ultrabooks and Tablets

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