Samsung: another strong player in the SSD market

Samsung is a truly impressive company: it produces RAMs, mechanical HDs, LCD and Plasma panels, Blu-Ray players, smartphones, tablet, PCs, SoCs, air conditioners and much more. It’s probably much easier to list things Samsung doesn’t manufacture… Now the Korean colossus also ships powerful SSDs thanks to the new SSD 830 series.

Samsung SSD 830

Those aren’t the first SSD drives released by Samsung but they are the most competitive ones in the high performance consumer market. In fact, a SSD 830 is almost as fast as the Crucial M4 and it costs almost the same (official price not yet available).

I have to admit that the M4 is still my suggested SSD for every home and office personal computer. But, if you can’t find the Crucial flagship drive, Samsung SSD 830 is a very good alternative. You won’t regret it!

For further information see the Anandtech’s review.

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