SandForce announces processor for cloud

SandForce, the little-big company that revolutionized the SSD market (recently acquired by LSI), announced the launch of a controller optimized for cloud computing. The processor, called SF-2481, features SATA 6Gbps interface and delivers performance up to 500MB/s and 60,000 IOPS.

So there won’t be speed improvements over the actual consumer-oriented controllers.

SandForce focused its efforts on increasing the reliability for enterprise usage. The controller has been developed to be used in relatively cheap enterprise-class SSDs and supports MLC NAND memories.

The latest announce of OCZ makes me think about the SSD demand for server application.

Cloud is growing fast. System administrators and developers want very rapid I/O infrastructure to provide a smooth user-experience. SSDs are an expensive solution and companies are putting more interest into MLC-drives which have lower price but lower reliability.

The new SF-2481 is only the latest demonstration of this trend. The way we consume software is changing, no doubt about it.

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