Seagate believes in hybrid drives

Momentus XT 750GBIf you use a notebook as your primary PC and you want both high capacity and high performance, the solution is a hybrid drive. Seagate released on may 2010 the Momentus XT 500GB, a 2.5″ disk designed to be a fast solution sold at a lower-than-SSDs price. Today, the manufacturer announced the Momentus XT 750GB with an improved cache (NAND flash memory increased from 4GB to 8GB) and higher capacity.

The unit will be sold at 245$, according to AnandTech that is currently testing the drive.

As pointed out by Anand, hybrid disks aren’t nearly as fast as SSD solutions. Even the caching tecnology Intel SRT doesn’t make your storage subsystem perform like an SSD drive in 24/7 task, at least not with a 32GB SSD. Although hybrid drive aren’t so bad and the price is reasonable. The Momentus XT is a cheap drive if you consider the raise of prices caused by the Thai floods.

We are waiting the AnandTech review to see how the drive performs. Stay tuned!

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