WD launches the new My Book Live Duo

Western Digital My Book Live DuoA few weeks ago I reviewed the Western Digital My Book Live. It’s an affordable NAS with a beautiful interface. It’s not a harcore device but it does what it has to do, and it does it well. Now, WD is launching the My Book Live Duo, a very similar product equipped with two mechanical HDs.

The advantages are quite obvious. It’s possible to improve the reliability enabling a level 1 RAID redundancy or speed up the unit with a level 0 setup. I strongly suggest the first option because a NAS is the kind of device where you use to back up your data: you don’t need to make it faster and RAID 0 reduces the reliability.

The My Book Live Duo inherits all the features of the My Book Live – WD Smartware, Personal Cloud, etc – and that’s a really good thing.

Price is about 400 bucks for a 4TB unit and $600 for a 6TB. They sound really reasonable to me, especially after the Thai floods.

I’m looking for a sample of the My Book Live Duo. Stay tuned!

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