WD launches NAS-optimized HDs

WD Red HDsWestern Digital launched its Red HD series, optimized for NAS. This announce is pretty interesting because no manufacturer has ever released a similar product before. NAS are becoming widespread solutions for media streaming and optimized disks can improve the user experience.

Specifically, Western Digital tweaked the firmware, now called NASware, to avoid stutters and other unintended pauses during the movie playing.

The trick is done thanks to a customization of the RAID error correction, it doesn’t stop the drive anymore. But the downside is that some artifacts may appear on the screen.

Performance are pretty good: about 150MB/s. We are talking about a mechanical disk of course.

The Red drives are available in three sizes: 1TB, 2TB and 3TB. WD even published a compatibility list.

NAS lover like me have to be happy today, finally we have a drive suited for our needs.

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