WD My Book Live reviewed

It’s performance time! I tested the drive with my usual bench suite. My Book Live performed well even if it was not developed to be a transfer rate powerhouse. It does its best with big files while is slower with small ones. Overall is a fast product and power consumption is really low.

Intel NASPTATTO WriteATTO ReadAS-SSD WriteAS-SSD ReadAS-SSD WriteAS-SSD ReadAS-SSD Copy BenchmarkPower Consumption

Final thoughts
So what can I say about the My Book Live? It’s a beautifully crafted NAS. It’s elegant and silent while the GUI is powerful and responsive. It’s fast enough to match the needs of the average user.

Warranty period is 3 years according to the WD’s website.

Price is about 160 bucks out-of-the-box: sounds fair to me given the capabilities of this device. It may seem an external drive but it’s a full round NAS with a backup software included. A good buy if you are looking for a cheap home unit.

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