WD Sentinel DX4000 review

It’s time to talk about performance. The Sentinel is an Intel based NAS and I expect it performs better than other ARM-powered units. Saddly enough, Western Digital send me only two drives so I couldn’t test RAID 5 performance. Anyway RAID 1 is a common setup so the benchmarks are indicative of daily use transfer rates.


ATTO Write


AS-SSD Write




AS-SSD Copy Benchmark

Well, the DX4000 is indeed a fast NAS. Its Atom is a good CPU for this kind of tasks and I noted good random performance (and we’re talking about 5400 RPM drives). A NAS is not a system drive, random tasks aren’t really important if you are in a home environment. But in a small business many employees could access the data stored on the NAS simultaneously and good random performance improves the experience.

Power consumption is “high” compared to other products. But this comparison is unfair: given that the DX4000 is a mini-server power consumption is quite reasonable.

Power Consumption

Final thoughts
I enjoyed using the Sentinel DX4000. Build quality is excellent, performance are good and Windows Storage Server unlocks almost endless customization possibilities. This features have a cost: the 4TB unit costs about 850-900 bucks.

It isn’t a cheap product but it’s the right solution for Windows Active Directory environments. Indeed, WD Sentinel DX4000 is a NAS built for businesses and does its job really well.

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