WD offers cloud storage for DX4000 NAS

WD Sentinel DX4000Do you remember the Western Digital DX4000? For starters, it’s a Windows powered NAS developed for small and medium businesses. It features 2 GbE ports, 4 5.25″ bays and iSCSI support. Now, thanks to WD, you can subscribe a cloud storage service at discounted prices.

The service is called Keep Vault and it’s a simple cloud storage “box”. Here are the prices:

  • 250GB for $299/year or $29.99/month
  • 500GB for $599/year or $59.99/month
  • 1000GB for $999/year or $99.99/month
  • Custom plan from $0.10 / GB / m

Pricing policies may seem a little high but actually they aren’t. Competitor service Dropbox offers 100GB for 200 bucks per year, not so cheap.

The deal isn’t impressive, if you don’t need a Windows powered NAS you better buy a Linux-based one (like QNAP products). But, if you are interested in cloud backup and you are looking for a Windows storage server, the Sentinel DX4000 comes with an appreciated gift.

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