Why you shouldn’t put your drive into the freezer…

Pipes frozen by liquid nitrogen

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The common sense makes us believe that hot temperatures decrease the lifespan of our drives… Google doesn’t think so and recently published a research article that supports its theory. The paper is very interesting and I strongly believe that every system administrator should read it.

The study, performed by Google’s staff on a large sample of consumer HDs, provides strong evidence that activity levels and high temperatures aren’t the main causes of hard disks failures. In fact, temperatures below 25° Celsius are related to very high AFR (average failure rates).

Magnetic disks seem to reach their highest reliability ratings in a range of temperatures between 30° and 40°. The article will relax datacenter designers that struggle to contain the operating temperatures of the SANs.

So what have we learned from the Google’s paper? Never put a HD in a freezer, maybe its better to put a blanket on it..

Of course we are kidding!

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